Pampas grass Cortaderia bunch natural 5 stems

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Pampas grass bunch natural. This dried ornamental grass is tall and elegant for home decor. The botanical name of this increasingly popular natural decoration is Cortaderia selloana. These feathery stems are each about 95cm long and in natural shades of brown. Five stems supplied. Each seed head takes up about half of the stem and is about 5cm across.

Care tips:
The seed filaments of the dried pampas may arrive flattened and will need teasing apart - we recommend doing this outdoors as the fluffy seeds may naturally drop a little. Work your way from bottom to top of the stem, separating the filaments, rotate 90 degrees and repeat until you've been all the way round, then spray with hairspray. This will keep it in place and prevent droppage. For more tips, we liked this blog post (no affiliation) - but please note her pampas is bigger than ours!

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