Chunky Lavender potpourri 500g

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500g Chunky Lavender potpourri supplied in a clear cellophane bag. The size of a small scatter cushion, this amount is plenty to make a big impression! A classic fragrance of relaxing lavender. Handmade British Lavender potpourri made from dried flowers and botanicals in our own British workshops. The mix contains a combination of natural and dyed botanicals. Made in small batches by us in Sussex at Daisy Gifts Ltd.

This potpourri was made using our own British Lavender fragrance oil enhanced with lavender essential oil which is well known for its relaxing aromatherapy properties.

If you are looking for a less chunky pot-pourri, try dried lavender potpourri which only contains lavender grains and lavender essential oil.

Larger wholesale potpourri pack sizes available.


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