Dried beech foliage - preserved Fagus leaves Seconds

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Buy preserved foliage bunches of beech also known as Fagus leaves. Reduced seconds*. Each bunch consists of four or more branched stems, about 55cm long. This is a bunch of real leaves on stems, not artificial. This preserved foliage is made by treating the fresh stems and leaves with glycerin (a naturally occurring chemical), and a colourant, leaving them more supple than traditional drying methods. The natural looking olive green leaves are darker on one side and make a great backgound for brightly coloured dried flowers.

May not be colourfast in damp conditions. These bunches are often packed flat in transit.

*Seconds quality, reduced to clear while stocks last. These bunches may have damaged or discoloured leaves which we have tried to show in the detail images. We think there should still be plenty of usable material. They are now less than half price.

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