Dried foliage bunch - Eucalyptus long leaf seconds

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Buy dried foliage bunches of natural eucalyptus, with long leaves, air dried, seconds quality*. Each bunch consists of five stems, about 55cm long. This traditionally dried foliage is naturally sage green in colour. The leaves are a great filler in dried flower arrangements, floristry and home decor. Air dried leaves can be a little more crinkly and less flexible than the more common chemically preserved foliage, but are 100% natural. The leaves are about 8 to 15cm long and 2 to 4 cm across.

*We refer to these bunches as seconds quality because the leaves have a slightly uneven mottled colour which may be due to the watering regime where they were grown. We have tried to show this in the images.

We also have a first quality glossy eucalyptus bunch on a separate listing

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