Throwing confetti ivory delphinium petals with marigold 1 litre

Throwing confetti ivory delphinium petals with marigold 1 litre

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Throwing confetti ivory delphinium with orange petals 1 litre. A lovely mix of dried ivory delphinium petals with a sprinkling of golden marigold petals. Throwing quality delphinium petals are slightly lower grade than premium quality, so are not suitable as table confetti, but are great as throwing confetti as their lightness makes them easy to photograph. Each delphinium petal is approx 1cm long, and the mix may also contain some small ivory delphinium florets and tightly closed buds. Marigold petals are about 1.5cm long and narrower than the delphinium petals. This is a mix that might have originated in an English country garden, with delphiniums and marigolds (calendula flowers) being cottage garden flowers. Delphinium petal confetti is traditionally sold by volume not weight, and 1 litre is about 10 small handfuls. 

These wedding confetti petals are handmixed to order in our own workshop, and are 100% natural and biodegradable.

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