pretty petal confetti mixes

pretty petal confetti mixes

pretty petal confetti mixes

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Pretty petal confetti in hand mixed packs of rose petals - lavender - vivid cornflower, delphiniums, hydrangeas and more. Our confetti petals are natural and 100% biodegradable. Dried flowers never looked so good!

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Cornflower mix

Product no.: 321071

from £139.99 *

Delphinium petal confetti premium quality

Product no.: 300129

from £9.99 *

Dried lavender confetti with ivory rose buds

Product no.: 605

from £2.99 *

Heather and lavender confetti

Product no.: 599

from £26.99 *

Fragrant blues petal confetti mix

Product no.: 14

from £12.99 *

Skeleton leaf ivory 100 pack

Product no.: 220

from £3.99 *

Ivory delphinium & hydrangea confetti

Product no.: 246

from £13.99 *

Medium rose petals mixed

Product no.: 590

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