delphinium (larkspur) petals

delphinium (larkspur) petals

delphinium (larkspur) petals

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Our Delphinium petal confetti is available in two quality levels - premium quality delphinium petals for table decorations, and slightly cheaper throwing quality delphinium confetti. We have many delphinium petal mixes. Our delphiniums come in five colours and are grown and dried in the UK.

delphinium petal confetti

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New Delphinium bouquet dried mixed purples

Product no.: 99990

£12.49 *
In stock

Delphinium petal confetti premium quality

Product no.: 300129

from £2.49 *

Fragrant blues petal confetti mix

Product no.: 14

from £12.99 *

Confetti cones and stand

Product no.: 166

from £24.99 *

Ivory delphinium & hydrangea confetti

Product no.: 246

from £13.99 *

Delphinium bunch dried blue seconds - DIY confetti

Product no.: 1005

£3.99 *
RRP £7.99
In stock

Delphinium bunch dried pink

Product no.: 471

£8.99 *
In stock

Pressed flowers larkspur delphinium pack of 7

Product no.: 636

from £0.99 *

Delphinium bunch dried white UK

Product no.: 752

£11.99 *
In stock

New Delphinium bunch dried small

Product no.: 99818

from £7.99 *
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