Throwing confetti

Throwing confetti

Throwing confetti

Buy throwing confetti for weddings

Buy throwing confetti for weddings - throwing confetti made from natural dried flower petals such as dried delphinium petals, dried lavender and rose petals. Wedding confetti for throwing, rather than table decoration. Many really pretty natural biodegradable petal mixes.

buy throwing confetti for weddings


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Burgundy rose petals

Product no.: 300121

from £229.99 *

Pale pink rose petals

Product no.: 300149

Marigold petals dried

Product no.: 329997

from £2.99 *

Rose petal confetti bag

Product no.: 300106

from £2.29 *

Dried lavender wedding confetti

Product no.: 718

from £2.99 *

Medium rose petals, purple velvet

Product no.: 000069

from £1.29 *

Medium rose petals mixed

Product no.: 590

Heather and lavender confetti

Product no.: 599

from £0.99 *

Dried lavender confetti with ivory rose buds

Product no.: 605

from £2.99 *

Heather confetti with ivory rose buds

Product no.: 607

from £4.29 *

Fragrant blues petal confetti mix

Product no.: 14

from £12.99 *

Heather grains bag

Product no.: 258

from £0.99 *

Pure dried cornflower petals pink

Product no.: 99710

from £3.49 *

New Natural wedding confetti petals Meghan mix

Product no.: 99708

from £13.99 *
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