Buy dried flower bunches - selection

Buy dried flower bunches - selection

Buy dried flower bunches - selection

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Ruth at daisyshop loves dried flower bunches - she gets as many British dried flowers as she can for the shop, and even dries some of her own in the workshop to sell.

Visit our new dried flower bunch category or click on the following links to our most popular items:



buy dried flower bunch lavender british dried flowers wheat delphinium

1. Dried lavender bunch from France - multibuys available.

2. Delphinium bunches in three colours but pink is the most popular.

3. Dried wheat bunches for a really British look. Grown in the UK.

As you can see from the photo, these three dried flower bunches are integral to our range of hand-tied dried flower bouquets which are available in their own department. 

Buy British dried flowers

If you are looking to support British growers, look out for our Union Jack heart symbol. Many of our dried flower bunches are sourced within the UK. For example, looking at the list above, although French lavender bunches are the most popular, British dried flowers are also available. Delphinium bunches are usually British dried flowers - we only fill in with imported ones when good quality UK ones are not available. Wheat is a really popular and expensive British dried flower bunch.


Colourful dried flowers

buy dried flower bunches selection

Image above shows L-R: British grown British dried flowers - gypsophila bunches in our own workshop - a great filler, and popular for wedding flowers; an orange dried flower bunch of leonotis; steely blue dried flower bunch echinops; yellow dried billy buttons bunch - these fun dried flower bunches are increasingly popular for adding a touch of colour to dried flower wedding bouquets and decorations.

Plus many more!

[Image at top of page is a bunch of British dried flowers - English peonies, available seasonally]

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